​​​​We require our puppies to be spayed or neutered as beloved pets.   We do not support juvenile spaying and neutering.  To not affect their maturation (their full grown gorgeousness) and avoid health issues, dogs should be neutered or spayed after at least fourteen (14) months of age.  New owners must agree to allow their  puppy time to reach maturity (growth plates closed, etc.) before neutering or spaying.  You don't want to stunt their growth.

All of our pups are sold with AKC Limited Registrations, which prevents their offspring from being registered with the AKC.  Breeders do this to protect the quality and health of Labrador Retrievers, which have been number 1 in AKC Registrations for decades.   Breeding puppies only from cleared generations of Labradors greatly increases the probability that YOUR puppy will NOT have these health issues. Hip and Elbow problems are not entirely genetic, but can be influenced by nutrition, injury, and environmental causes, such as obesity or over stressing joints in puppies and young dogs.  We recommend pups and young dogs not be allowed to take high jumps into/out of pickups, onto/off decks, etc.  It's just too hard on their developing joints.  We also recommend people do not jog with their pups until they are 18-24 months, and softer surfaces are preferable.

We are passionate Lab people, seasoned breeders, exhibitors, and trainers.  Our puppies are well socialized and lovingly raised under foot right off the kitchen.  Friends, the children and the grandchildren are always ready to play with puppies throughout their development, so they are very well socialized.  Our pups are exposed to a variety of sights and sounds, and will be introduced to water, loud noises, guns and birds, and possibly deer, elk, moose, bear, coyotes, eagles, hawks and the bird I've only heard that sounds like a terradactyl living up in the mountains.

Written by Peggy (Ingerski) Johnson, 1985.

Latah Labradors